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How To Commission A Piece Of Jewellery

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

A fine silver fern leaf pendant made using a real fern leaf. It hangs on a hemp cord. It is being held in a white womans hand with the fern lying across her knuckles.

People commission a piece of jewellery when they want something completely bespoke to them. Sometimes it can be a fancy pendant or an alternative style engagement ring, or even a special pair of earrings! All types of jewellery are possible, you just have to come to me with your ideas so we can bring them to life.

#1 - Do you know what Silver & Fern do?

Before deciding if you want Silver & Fern to commission your special piece, make sure you read up about my small business and what type of jewellery I make - nature-inspired and textured mainly.

So be sure that I am the one you want to bring your idea to life! Once you have decided then you can move on to step #2.

#2 - Have an idea in mind

If you want to commission a piece of jewellery, please come to me with an idea in mind. The more information, the better!

  • What little details do you want?

  • Any texturing? e.g. dimpled, hammered, bark or just smooth

  • Is there a theme? e.g. floral, elegant, nature-inspired

  • Maybe you like aspects of a previous design I have made?

  • Do you want an impression of something made?

Be sure to jot your ideas down before getting in contact so we can work together to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you.

The most important thing is, please do not come to me asking to copy someone else's work - I won't ever do that.

#3 - Get in contact

You can get in contact to discuss commissions via my social media pages, email or the contact form on the website.

All the links you need are here:

Together we will have a good chat about your design ideas and what is possible and I will generate a quote for you so you know straight away how much you would be looking at. A non-refundable deposit of 50% must be paid upon agreement of the commission so that the materials can be purchased and the remaining 50% must be paid before the item is finished and posted out.

An invoice will be sent out to you for the piece so you can complete the purchase through my website meaning you can use Paypal, card payment or one of the financing options that I have to offer.

#4 - Design time

Now it's time for me to get doodling and get all the possible information from you. If you don't like a part of the design, please say so I can make it how you'd like - be honest! Some intricate designs may take a long time to make, so make sure to order far in advance if you would like it for a certain date.

At this point, the decision will be made on what type of silver to use for the design - silver bullion or precious metal clay. Precious metal clay is perfect at picking up those small intricate details, you can see with this ivy leaf pendant just how detailed it is.

#5 - Making time

Now it's making time!

All my time will be focused on creating your piece until it is finished. It may take a little longer if I am using silver clay as it needs time to fully dry out before firing. I will keep you updated throughout the whole process and can even send you process pictures if you would like to see the behind-the-scenes of how it is made.

The piece will go through various stages of sanding and polishing to get it to the high standard I like to adhere to.

#6 - Finish and ready to post

Before posting it out to you, your piece will have a final check-over and polish. I will then package your item in a lovely little Silver & Fern cotton pouch with a silver polishing cloth so you can keep your item all sparkly and shiny. It is at this stage you can opt to upgrade to a gift box for your item. Your jewellery will then be posted out via special delivery to ensure it reaches you quickly.

Once the item is posted, it is out of my hands as to when it will arrive - there may be postal delays which impact the delivery date.

When you receive your item, be sure to give it a good admire! I love to receive photos and feedback, it is an amazing feeling to see people wearing their Silver & Fern jewellery. You can use the hashtag #silverandfernjewellery on your posts so I can see them. It is also useful to know how you found the whole process so it can be made better for future customers. A little feedback form will be emailed to you about 14 days after your item is dispatched - you have no obligation to complete it but know that any feedback, big or small, is extremely useful.

And that is all there is to it!

It may seem like a lot of information to process but it's all very easy when it comes to it. There are just 6 small steps to getting your bespoke piece of jewellery.

Fill out the form on the link below with your ideas and I will be in contact to guide you through the process.

Will your name pop up soon with a special request?

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