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A pair of handcrafted eucalyptus bark earrings. A small piece of eucalyptus tree bark was salvaged from my garden and used to create this pair of earrings. 


The earrings are not exactly the same size or shape as each other. Here are the measurements of the largest parts: length - 15.5mm, width - 5.4mm, thickness 0.94mm. They come on 9mm sterling silver posts and with sterling silver scrollbacks.


These bark earrings have been handcrafted with Precious Metal Clay which is fine silver (99.9% pure) once fired. This necklace is the perfect gift for a nature lover.


This item comes with its very own cotton storage pouch and a small polishing cloth - the best combo for keeping it shiny!

Eucalyptus Bark Earrings


The silver used is recycled silver - in keeping with my ethos of being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

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