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What Is Fidget Jewellery?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

As the name suggests, fidget jewellery is an item of jewellery that has a moving element to it - either it will spin, twist, slide or tap, it just lets you “fidget” with it. Fidget jewellery is perfect for those of you who have anxiety or other mental health disorders, those who bite their nails or those of you pick their skin - but it's definitely not limited to just these, it can help so many people!

This blog post will just give you a little insight into fidget jewellery, how to use it, do you need some and do they really work?


How to use fidget jewellery

It is pretty simple really, all fidget jewellery comprises of moving parts that the wearer can move around and play with to take their mind off whatever is worrying them at that point in time.

You will find some fidget rings where they have a thicker ring band with smaller rings on top that spin around - these are usually called spinner rings. At Silver & Fern, I create rings with a slim ring band and small silver or gold beads which slide along the ring. I have also recently created and added a pendant and some simple hoop earrings to the fidget jewellery collection. You can view the fidget jewellery collection here and see which item of jewellery suits your style most (there will be more to come very soon!)


Do I need some fidget jewellery?

My fidget rings are the most popular items in my online store and customers purchase them to help them for various reasons including:

  • Anxiety

  • Skin picking

  • Nail biting

  • Trichotillomania

  • PTSD

  • OCD

  • ADHD

  • Autism

I can guarantee that there are a whole host of other reasons they help you with though!

I personally wear the triple rolling ring every single day and haven't taken it off since I made it almost a year ago now. I have struggled with anxiety on and off for many years and by having the ring on my finger I find myself gently playing with the ring. I roll it up and down my finger when my mind starts wandering or I feel I am in an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes I now find myself rolling it just because I find it calming!

I also tested out the beaded fidget ring before releasing it on my website and found that it was just as calming to use. Fidget rings help to satisfy the urge to fidget without having to reach for a more intrusive or obvious item.


Does fidget jewellery really help though?

Well, the short answer is, yes.

You can read the reviews from my customers for yourself. There are a few snippets here from messages I have either received via my Instagram page, Facebook or my Google reviews page. It makes me feel amazing to know that a beautifully simple piece of jewellery can have such an effect on people.

They are 100% worth trying if:

  • You have panic attacks

  • You struggle with anxiety

  • You fidget a lot with your hands

  • You find yourself struggling in stressful situations

  • You want a pretty piece of jewellery that you can play with to help you relax

If you want to take the plunge and try some for yourself, here is a discount code for 15% off any item in my fidget jewellery range. Just enter the code SFBLOG.


It is not a cure for your mental health

Wearing fidget jewellery is not going to cure you of your underlying diagnoses but it will certainly help to calm you down in stressful times.

People are always trying to search for a cure for things but sometimes there just isn't one. Yeah, I know it isn't great to hear that. Like, there is no cure for anxiety but by trying to better yourself and maybe trying out a piece of fidget jewellery, such as a fidget ring, to help with those stressful and anxious times, life might get a little easier to handle.

Fidget or anti-anxiety jewellery is not a cure - be sure to get in contact with your doctor or a mental health service if you feel things are not going too great for you, they will know how best to help you. Mind Charity has some helpful tips for everyday living which you can check out here.

I really recommend getting out in nature even if it is just for 10 or 15 minutes, to clear your mind and de-stress - do it daily if you can.


Wavy VS Straight Band - Who will win...

To round everything up, if you were to choose one, which one would you choose?

Which fidget ring would you choose?

  • Wave Fidget Ring

  • Standard Fidget Ring

I hope this blog post provided some insight for you and helped you understand fidget jewellery more. If you would like to see what other items of jewellery I create, you can click the link below to go directly to my website.

Thanks for reading!

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