What Exactly Is An 'Eco-Conscious' Business?

A little run down of everything I do to run an eco-conscious business.

Well, the plain definition of eco-conscious is showing concern for the environment. And as someone who has been conscious about the environment from a young age - global warming, deforestation, pollution etc - I wanted to be sure that my business was eco-conscious too. I don't want to use any products that are going to contribute to harming the environment and I don't want to create too much waste as that is a major problem with today's society.

Below are some of the things I do for Silver & Fern to make it a sustainable and eco-friendly business.

Plant Trees, Save The Planet?

Okay so maybe it won't save the planet but it is a good start at trying to help re-build the forests from all the deforestation and to help combat Carbon Dioxide emissions.

So, not only do I offset my carbon emissions each month, but I also plant a tree for each order I receive. You can check out my Ecologi profile here to keep up to date with how many trees I have helped to plant. You can also view all of their paperwork showing the number of trees they plant each year.

I have planted 86 trees so far!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I have limited waste from my business, it's usually just the packaging that I receive supplies in but I even reuse those for any odd bits I sell or recycle them. Whether I receive a parcel or a package, I almost always save the packaging - I wouldn't like to say how many boxes I have saved up (it's embarrassing), plus a big bag of packing peanuts which are perfect to pack out any fragile orders!

Eco-Silver, Gemstones & Beads

If you have followed me since the beginning then you will already know that I use recycled silver rather than mined silver for my silver jewellery - why opt for mined when there is enough silver already about?

I also only use reclaimed or donated beads and gemstones. I am a member of The Rejewel Collective which is a group of creatives from around the world whose prime directive is waste reduction. We help you change the way you dispose of your broken fast-fashion jewellery - you can donate your old or broken beaded or gemstone jewellery to me via my Rejewel Collective page here.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All of my packaging is recyclable; the box, tape, packing filler, business cards and any stickers. I also offer gift wrapping which is made from recycled cardboard and is recyclable apart from the foam insert. The fabric pouch you receive your jewellery in is handmade by myself using reclaimed and vintage fabrics, saving them from going to landfill.

There Is Just One Little Thing

There are some chemicals that I use which may pose risks to the environment but as I use them correctly and once finished, neutralise then store them for correct disposal (and I don't use them often) it's only a small downside compared to all the other good things I try to do for the planet.

So That's It

I hope you now understand a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of Silver & Fern. Maybe you'll decide to make a purchase someday soon?

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