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What Is A Hallmark?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

If you have no idea what a Hallmark is then this blog will explain it!

So when you have purchased an item of jewellery made from a precious metal in the past, you may have noticed some little stamps on it - for example on the inside of a 14k Gold ring band or on the back of a Silver pendant. You may wonder what these are and why they're there. Well, these little stamps tell you important information about your piece of jewellery.

Take a look at the image below.

The hallmark is the registered mark of the business you purchase from. Look for the Hallmark, It's your guarantee.

As the notice states above, there are weight exemptions for legally having a hallmark. Any precious metal piece can be hallmarked, even if it weighs 1g but it legally needs to have a hallmark when it reaches the exemption weight. Almost all items made using Gold will require a hallmark due to the 1g exemption, so you can be sure that the Gold ring in your jewellery box is genuinely gold just by checking for the hallmark!

The main point to take notice of on this dealer's notice is that a hallmark is not legally required for Silver items that weigh under 7.78g. So you will find that most of the items that are available in my shop, do not actually come hallmarked. However, you can contact me to have one applied to your item before it is posted to you just for an extra guarantee (it also looks fancy too!)

What Does Silver & Fern's Look Like?

My registered mark is 'S&F' for Silver & Fern and the assay office mark on my pieces will be the Edinburgh mark. Pieces will then be marked with either 925 for sterling silver or 999 for fine silver and have a letter at the end which denotes the year that the item was Hallmarked. The letter for 2023 is 'Y'.

a close up picture of a hallmark, including all 5 makrs - sponsor mark, 925 mark, silver mark, edinburgh assay office mark and the date mark

That's All There Is To It!

It's not so confusing, is it? If you are ever confused or have any queries about Hallmarking be sure to have a more in-depth read-over on The Edinburgh Assay Office's Website Here.

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